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Confessions of a First Time Puppy Owner

August 03, 2015

It was 4 pm on the I-5 heading south. My girlfriend and I were on our way to Temecula to meet a puppy and see if we can take her home. For those that don't know, the drive from Los Angeles to Temecula is not a close one. Nor is it one that I would like to do often. Especially at rush hour time. Even though we knew that we'd be stuck in traffic for hours, we knew that it was going to be worth it once we saw the puppy. If anything, the drive was foreshadowing the experience we were about to have taking care of an animal - because it was such a pain in the ass, but very...

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What part am I eating?

July 31, 2015

Have you ever been half way through a great piece of meat and wondered....what part of the animal is this? I feel like most people at one point or another have wondered that and since most of us don't kill and butcher our own meat we really have no idea about it. So I thought i'd put together this interesting little blog to help explain what your eating and where it comes from. Now I know humans eat a wide range of animals but for the most part a large chunk of the meat we consume is either Beef, Pork, or Chicken. And since the chicken doesn't really have many parts worth mentioning, I thought i'd stick to Beef and Pork. ...

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