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What is "ARKA" ?

ARKA is a collective of complex-minded individuals with one simple goal... to create art you can wear.

The definition of ARKA is to be “King of All Kings”. We embrace this mindset by refusing to follow trends and by creating designs with purpose. Concepts of individuality and creativity are prized above all else.

Inspired by pop culture, social movements, science, nature and whatever else we choose, there are no limits to where our imaginations will take us. The result is a thought provoking design that is as unique as the person wearing it.

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14759 Keswick Street, Van Nuys, California 91405

  • Wolf Skin
    "Beware of the sheep in wolf's clothing."
    Designed by:
  • In Gold We Trust
    "The most iconic symbol of wealth."
    Designed by:
  • Blood Diamond
    "That thing you love, may have blood on it."
    Designed by:
  • Global Warming
    "Surreal image of pengiun melting to highlight the reality of global warming."
    Designed by:
  • Puppet Masters
    "Sometimes you must ask who the real oppressors are."
    Designed by:
  • Play a Fool
    This is how you play someone like a fiddle.
    Designed by:
  • Tokyo Rumble
    "Sumo wrestler protecting his realm."
    Designed by:
  • Bright City
    "A city lit up inside a globe bulb."
    Designed by:
  • Kiss of Death
    "Words can be deadly."
    Designed by:
  • The Blueprint
    "Our schematics for a much overdue monument."
    Designed by:
  • ET 1882
    "If ET happened in the year 1882, this is what it would have looked like."
    Designed by:
  • Flying F#ck
    "Really though, who?"
    Designed by:
  • Read More
    "Reading is badass."
    Designed by:
  • Arka Signal
    "The best way to reach us at night."
    Designed by:
  • City of Angels
    "Stylized silhoutte of the LA skyline in all its glory."
    Designed by:
  • Bottles of Life
    "We all go through our stages."
    Designed by:
  • Change the Channel
    "If it were only this easy to tune out."
    Designed by:
  • Monotony
    "Some people would rather avoid color in their life."
    Designed by:
  • Sushi
    "For all you sushi fanatics out there, here’s the tee for you."
    Designed by:
  • Arkanaut
    "Arkamedes has no limits or bounds."
    Designed by:
  • War and Peace
    "The two opposites are more similar than you think."
    Designed by:
  • Cone of Shame
    "Poor Grizzly."
    Designed by:
  • Rain on 'em
    "Sometimes you got to do a dance to bring the rain back."
    Designed by:
  • Stop Judging
    "Never judge a book by its cover."
    Designed by:
  • Dapper Giraffe
    "Giraffes have an unfair advantage when it comes to bowties."
    Designed by:
Our Artists

Charles Darwizard

He was forged in the depths of the Mariana Trench from magma and ice. Half Beast, Half God. He gives good hugs. Science and Comedy are his forte, and the world is his oyster.

Hauk Vagner

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Hauk was sworn into an underground society at a young age, vowing to join with his peers at ARKA.

Buddy Bravado

A deep thinker and beer connoisseur, inspired by bright colors, weird music, odd animals, crazy people, Chuck Norris movies, cheeseball commercials, and quantum entanglement.

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