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January 06, 2016

5 Trends of 2015 that need to go away

Every year there are new trends, some good, mostly bad. Sometimes I think to myself, now that I'm 32, am I out of touch? Getting old? Nope, I'm simply getting better and recognizing what is a horrible idea. Here are some of the worst trends in 2015 that I really hope to not come across in the new year. 

1. Hoverboards or Segways

Whatever they are called, I really see no point to them. If you can use one of these than you could definitely walk. Is walking now obsolete, along with playing outside and listening to hip hop that has actual words that rhyme? I'm really starting to question society at this point.

2. Vaping


I know vaping is supposed to help people quit smoking and that it is safer than cigarettes and blah, blah, blah. Leave it to humanity to turn this into another obnoxious accessory. For some odd reason, I noticed that hoverboards and vapes go hand in hand. Maybe its sign from the universe trying to tell us something.

3. Ridiculous amounts of zippers on everything

I am well aware of fashion doesn't mean function. But this infatuation with zippers is crazy. Especially with the explosion of the long line shirts, zippers have become the norm on all mens streetwear. Lets try to be a little more creative and think of a new way to accent clothing. 

4. Really bad slang words

I really don't know the origin of any of these words, nor do I care. I really hope in the future, the trend will be to speak with proper grammar and use words that are in an actual dictionary. 

5. Making stupid people famous

This has going on for a while now. Unfortunately, music, film and fashion is all tainted by hype and celebrity worship. People don't care for substance anymore. We buy things because of society pressure. People think a record is only good because of it's sales or that one actor is better because he makes more money. This couldn't be further from the truth. People for some reason are infatuated with the lives of celebrities who wouldn't piss on them if they were in flames. Let's start focusing on people that actually have positive contributions to society and learn to be aware of daily headlines that directly impact our lives. 

Buddy Bravado

December 11, 2015

New Jordan XI Drop

The legendary '95-'96 Chicago Bulls regular season when they finished with 72 wins and only 10 losses is immortalized with these shoes. Jordan pays homage to that Bulls team with the release of these shoes, coming out tomorrow, December 12.

Every time Jordan 11's are released, they're sold out in a blink of an eye. Good luck getting your hands on these, you'll be needing it.

Hauk Vagner
December 07, 2015

2015 Winter Essentials

Winter is coming and that means layering and staying warm for the cold weather. The minimal approach is a popular one when layering, because it's far more aesthetically pleasing to mix and match solid pieces of clothing together. You don't want to come off too strong with contrasting colors and patterns while layering. It'll become a tacky outfit.



We'll start with the outermost layer. It's Barbour's Ashby Jacket. It's a 6oz waxed cotton jacket, with a corduroy collar, tartan lining, two-way zip up with a placard that's button enclosed, and hand warmer front pockets. Normally, we'd go a bit thicker with this layer, but the waxed cotton should do a pretty good job of keeping the wind from chilling your bones. Plus, because we are layering, you don't want to be too stiff with heavy garments. Olive is a great color in the winter and you'll be able to match it with plenty of gear.


Underneath the Ashby Jacket is Raised by Wolves' Sherbrooke Double-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt. Again, another neutral tone that complements the olive layer on top. The Sherbrooke is 400 GSM (a heavier weighted fleece), has a 3 piece lined hood, and has ribbed side panels. The option to have a hood is crucial in cold weather and with a heavier fleece like this it should keep your head pretty warm.



Beneath the hoodie, we'll go with a shirt of ours. Part of our new releases, 'Flight of the Monkey' is a simple 1 color black print on a 100% white cotton t-shirt. It's pre-shrunk and is 30 singles, which makes for a soft hand. Continuing with the minimal approach, this should fit in nice with the rest of the fit. Can't go wrong with a white tee and an awesome simple graphic on it.


For our bottom, we have Norse Project's Aros Heavy Chino. It's straight black and 100% cotton. A classic fit that's also heavy weight enough to make sure your legs aren't too cold. Again - a basic piece of garment that doesn't take away from the rest of the outfit.



For our shoes, we'll tie up all the garments together. The Nike Lunar Force 1 Duckboot is comfortable and made for harsh weather. The leather is water repellent and the high top will keep your ankles from feeling the cold. Nike has some very nice sneakerboots that look great and are functional as well. This shoe and style, in specific, will flow great with the rest of the outfit, because of it's colors and different fabrics. The gumshoe sole also helps with a subtle contrast.

Good luck staying warm out there in the winter. I hope you gain some inspiration with these essentials. Happy holidays!



Hauk Vagner

November 24, 2015

Nike Flynkit Racer "Oreo"

Nike is going to be busy this Black Friday with a release of a bunch of new shoes. One of them is the highly coveted Oreo Flyknit Racers. They will be sold for $150 on their website.

Flyknit Racers are popular in the sneaker game, but they aren't as expensive as they once were in the resell community. The shoe might get sold out quick, however you won't see the price rise too much if you weren't able to get your hands on it.

Hauk Vagner


November 23, 2015

New Release of Graphic Tees

Our fourth and final release of the year is finally here. As usual, we've got a wide range of themes, from the more artsy aesthetic to the more photo manipulation look. Each design has the Arka touch, meaning that they're all awesome. We're always about making designs that are unique to the streetwear world. Take a look at the new releases shopping page and let us know what you think about the designs!

November 20, 2015

Nixon x Star Wars

Nixon released their second Star Wars collaboration today including watches, belts and backpacks. Each product is inspired by characters in the film such as Boba Fett, Darth Vader, and the stormtrooper. Prices vary from $50 to $2,500.

Nixon did a great a job with each theme. For the Star Wars fans out there that appreciate dressing yourself with great accessories, look no further. Check out Nixon's website for more info.

Hauk Vagner
November 18, 2015

Jordan 1 Retro High

This Saturday we will see these retro Jordan 1's for sale on Nike's website. It will be a long shot to get, but for only $150, it is worth the hassle. The 'Gym Red' Jordan 1's will be a limited launch and will be available to add to your cart at 7 am Pacific Time.

I have got to give some love to the colorway as it is a nod to the retro Jordans. Simple, sleek, and aggressive. Good luck trying to buy these!

Hauk Vagner
November 16, 2015

Yeezy Boost in Black

The Yeezy Boost is set to release in a new colorway. The first release in February was in gray and now we'll see it in black. It will supposedly be available for purchase on Black Friday (November 27). However, don't get your hopes up for buying this sneaker. The last time it was released, they were sold out pretty quick.

I'm digging the simplicity and I honestly like this colorway more than the original. Kanye West's products are still highly sought after on resell markets like eBay. Expect these shoes to pop up all over the place, after December 5, for double the price. If you're trying to cop these, good luck. You'll be needing it.
Hauk Vagner
November 16, 2015

5 Inspirational Manifestos

I have always been a huge fan of company manifestos. Its sets the tone of what you stand for as a brand and gives everyone a sense of direction. Here are some of my favorite manifestos that I've come across. 

1. Nike: Not Without A Fight

Anyone that has played in team sports would appreciate this. The commentary alludes to how one must appreciate the struggle and the battle more-so than the victory.  

2. Lululemon

3. The Holstee Manifesto

This was a huge viral sensation and may have been one of the first typography based manifestos. 

4. Apple

This may have been an ad but it definitely resonates as a manifesto. It encourages those who are different to embrace who they are and see it as a gift. 

5. The Expert Enough Manifesto

This manifesto is rich with great one-liners. My favorite being "Life is an Experiment". 

Buddy Bravado


November 12, 2015

Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that brings the family together for a night of drinks and tasty food. There's a history behind the holiday, but I won't get to that, because let's be honest, no one cares about it anymore. What we all care about on Thanksgiving is the food. Football is also a big deal on Thanksgiving, but the food is what makes us all happy. Pretty sure everyone is sick and tired of seeing the Detroit Lions lose every year on this day.

As this glorious holiday is inching closer and closer it's time to think about what to make for dinner that night. It can't be boring, but it also can't be obnoxious either. I'm looking at you Epic Meal Time. Let's get into some ideas for appetizers, the main course and dessert.

For appetizers, we'll look at what your favorite criminal, Martha Stewart, has for us.

Here are some sweet potato rounds. Some fried sweet potatoes topped with crumbled cotija cheese and cilantro leaves. Just enough to open up your appetite and ignite those taste buds. Martha Stewart knows her shit.

Next is the main course. Now I know I said let's not get too obnoxious, and this might be for some people, but just give this one a try. The turducken is your hipster friend's new favorite Thanksgiving dish to make. But sometimes... just sometimes, hipsters might be right. Give the turducken a shot. It's insane.

Dessert time. After you've stuffed yourself with the turducken, let's get you stuffed even more, just in case the food coma hasn't kicked in yet. Dessert is the knockout punch of Thanksgiving dinner. You know it's coming, there's nothing you can do about it, so just let it hit you in the face and take it like a man. Here's a decadent cream puff with praline sauce and pecans. Yeah, you're welcome. Now go make them! Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are the recipes for each course:

Sweet Potato Rounds


Cream Puffs with Praline Sauce

Hauk Vagner

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