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The Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles

This past weekend, my girlfriend took me out to the Griffith Observatory for my birthday.  Knowing that I have a fascination with the universe and all of its mysteries, it was the perfect place for me to get my nerd fix.  Parking was a pain in the ass, as we couldn't find anything close so we had to park on the of the curvy roads that lead to the observatory.  We didn't mind the long, uphill, walk though, because of the nice weather and views it had to offer us.

As we reached it, the place looked small and I wondered how long can we even be here for.  But it's different levels and many exhibits had us awed and engaged.  Here's how the Griffith Observatory looks before entering it.

Here are a few of the things we found inside.

We have a huge appreciation for Nikola Tesla, here at Arka, and so when we saw this, we geeked out like no other.

These scales showed us the our weight if we were to be on each planet in our solar system.  My girlfriend loved this one. -_-

This was my favorite part inside the observatory.  It is the view of the projector in their planetarium where they have a bunch of shows teaching us about the universe.  You simply have to sit back, relax and look up and around you to enjoy the show.

There were a bunch of other exhibits that have live views of Mars, Venus, etc.  Also one that shows how our sun isn't that big of a star after all.

Next are some views from daytime to night time.

Obligatory picture in deep thought while looking at the view.

I definitely want to go here again.  I loved it!  A fun place to take your family or even go out for a date.

Hauk Vagner