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Let me show you how to model

     Since everyone who reads this blog is a die hard ARKA fan, I'm gonna assume you know that we release about 12 new designs every 3 months. And as we release these new designs, we need to take product shots to show you good folks what they look like hoping that you'll go...OH MY GOD...HOW DO THEY THINK OF THESE THINGS?? and of course buy our tees and rock the living shit out of them thus making your friends jealous and less cool.

Now in order to achieve these cool product photos we need a model. Normally we choose someone with at least 65 years experience in the industry but this time we picked a greenhorn. He came in all excited and ready but we needed to teach him how to wear greatness. That's where I come in. I'm the model whisperer! LOL.

So here are the behind the scenes pics of the shoot and my how to model manual.

Any time there's a new model in the house I like to start with some stretches to loosen them up.
 My personal favorite stretch is the piggy back ride
 Where I plop all 275 pounds of myself onto the models back leaving him paralyzed
 After a minor recovery period I ask them what they want for christmas
 And give them worldly advice about life as it pertains to the clothing industry
 Once they get loosened up, we start with the very basic model stance
 Head up...feet apart
 Chin up...way up
 Ass out....clench tight
 Hands on the hips....attitude...I NEED ATTITUDE
 Slight twist to accentuate the figure
 And stare into the heavens. Obviously our model was a fast learner :)
 Our photographer decided to step in and try teaching him how to model using a strange mime method.. I didn't get it.
 After which we both gave up and decided to model ourselves.. you know to show the young blood how its done
 She of course let her ego get the best of her
 Which made me panic and call an adult
 All while "The Cashish" is running business deals from the corner of the room.
 Once the dust settled I tried one more crack at modeling the tees myself
 So PRO!!
 Of course our model got upset for wasting his time and decided to shatter my leg

 OUCH!! I accepted defeat, limped off the photo stage, and let my people do their thing

 We ended up with 3 good photos.

 And this one. I forgot this one. So be honest....who wore it better?
You don't need to answer that we all know it was me. But all joking aside we had a blast. Our model (Mihran) was a bad ass and did a great job. I hope these photos gave you an inside look into our philosophy here at ARKA.

Work hard and play hard....all at the same time!

One last selfie with my photographer Leo! Super

Till next time....

Charles DarWizard