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2015 Magic Open

    So just like last year, the good folks at Magic held their annual Magic Open Golf Tournament at the Rio Secco Golf course in February. We had the honor of being invited back to participate again this year and we of course graciously accepted.

Here's the play by play of that day, or at least whatever I took photos of :)

We woke up at 5am and hopped on the shuttle to Rio Secco

 Arrived to a bunch of porters waiting to help take our clubs to our carts
 While they were busy with that, we got to go enjoy a breakfast brunch
 Look at that plate! Someone was hungry
 Then we headed out to find our carts

 The tournament was sponsored by Bellvedere Vodka and we made sure to thank the good people at Bellvedere by consuming as much of their spirits as the laws of biology allow
 I personally started the day off double fisting bloody mary's
 Then we jumped right into it
 Here you see The Cashish himelf about to tea off

 Hauk Vagner showing off some skills

 Oh! Did I mention every team got female caddys this year? Pretty snazzy!
 But I digress from whats more important...more alcohol!
 Which led to awkward chest But this one was deserved after a nice 15ft putt.

 Such power and confidence in the man

 We even tried our luck at the $1,000,000 hole....but failed
 Here's a good shot of Buddy Bravado. He'll probably make this his background as soon as I post it.
 And we ended the day holding hands and riding carts into the sunset
 We took a group photo for the future best seller book about ARKA
 And grabbed lunch at the clubhouse

 Now just like last year we managed to come in dead last but it didn't bother us because we walked out with the greatest honor you can get at a golf tournament hosted by a fashion expo....THE BEST DRESSED AWARD!!!!
 That's right!! Feast your eyes on the trophy of kings. We got this awesome keepsake bottle to remember that on that day....we were the best!
Here's that photo of what we were wearing one more time....for dramatic effect ;)

Now we just need to get invited back to defend our title.

Till next time...

Charles DarWizard