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Sneakerboots are Awesome

For someone like myself, you enjoys the comfort of sneakers but also likes the ruggedness of a boot, there finally is a option for the best of both worlds. Nike is taking this to the next level by using some of their popular styles and giving them an upgrade.
Below is the Nike Air Force 1 Sneakerboot for the 2014 holiday season. I got myself a pair of these in the dark brown color. The soles on these are slightly stiffer than the traditional AF 1 but the comfort is definitely not compromised.
Next up is the all leather Nike Roshe. The sole again is thicker than its running shoe counterpart. I purchased a pair of these last year in Grey. I still wear them all the time. The leather on these are super soft and extremely light making the shoe feel weightless. 
Next up is the Cole Haan ZeroGrand boot. After Nike acquired Cole Haan, the stylish dress shoe manufacturer looks to appeal to a trendier clientele. The sole of these boots resemble those of Nike Trainers. I'm a big fan of these. 
For fans of the duck boot, Cole Haan also made a their own version with the Trentons. These feel like they are bulletproof and super comfortable. The inside lining is waterproof and equipped for any terrain. 
For non-Nike affiliated companies that have top notch sneakerboots, I'd go with Tretorn. These Highlander sneakerboots are lined with fur that not only keep your feet warm and toasty, they also give the shoe additional padding which feels like you're walking on clouds. 
Below is another Tetorn boot called the Klipporone. They are very lightweight and have a great military inspired style. 
The best quality that sneakerboots posess is their casual aesthetic that allows you to pair them with a pair of jeans, khakis and of course an Arka Tee. 

Buddy Bravado