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Getting Pampered Arka Style

Arka designer Charles Darwiz had always wanted to get a straight razor shave. So naturally he convinced all of us to get one also. So we found a local spot in Canoga Park California called Executive Cut and Shave.
This place had a lot of great offerings besides their grooming services such as complimentary drinks, billiards while you wait and a bunch of TV's showing whatever games are on that day. 
So this is us, to the left is me, Buddy Bravado, in the middle is Shant, who handles our sales and distribution and to the right is Charles Darwiz. Unfortunately, Hauk Vagner, our third Arka designer couldn't join us on this day.  I spent about two months growing a solid beard and building up a ton of mojo along the way only to have it chopped off within minutes, losing massive cool points. 
Charles Darwiz is really excited about looking like a normal human being again. 
For sure I missed this shot. 
So we begin.
I wish he kept this. 
Here is the after photo.
So the end result is that I look slightly uglier and lost all my swagger. Shant looks exactly the same. Darwiz, well, I really don't know how you fix that. Looking forward to growing out my beard once again. Thanks again, to Executive Cut and Shave for taking good care of us.

Buddy Bravado