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Woodworking with Skateboards

Skateboarding is pretty bad ass on its own and when it's mashed up with woodworking, it's as if Chuck Norris' and Van Damme's fists came together and something beautiful was created.  There's a Japanese skateboarder out there named Haroshi, who happens to collect old skateboards and make sculptures with it.  He taught himself how to work with wood and create awe-inspiring art work.  Because of the color of wood and the skateboard, it gives the sculpture a very pop art feel to it.  These are pieces that would work great with a modern home or even an art studio that is looking to have a great piece to put on display.

Here's what he has to show.

There's way more out there with a simple Google search.  Here is Haroshi's website for my info.

Hauk Vagner