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2014 Holiday Gift Guide

    So every year I scavenge the basement of the internet for the coolest gifts I can find for my friends and family. Gifts that usually solicit reactions like, "Who are you?" and "Where the hell did you find this? No one should be making stuff like this!" I usually keep these treasures to myself but seeing as how I put up a post last year for a holiday gift guide, I thought i'd make it a tradition. And to make it easier i've split it up into categories. Enjoy!

Gifts for the house:

Gifts like the death star looking lamp. So cool!
Star Trek coffee table

Birds Nest couch? I don't know what this is but I want one for my living room

And while I lay in my nest i'd like to do some cleaning around the house with this amazing remote control mop

 Cool gifts for the bathroom
 Your kids will love this...and when I say kid I mean any man at any age
 Even though this next Gif has the "Hello nightmares" headline, I still think it's an awesome piggy bank gift for a small child or creepy pervy friend you have that might try to do disgusting things to it
 Moving along....PURE GENIUS. What kid wouldn't love this paper airplane gun
I also found some gifts for pet owners, like this gun leash. It's the sure fire way to get your dog to obey

Or this DJ PussPuss cat scratch turntable

Now for the bedroom I found some really cool hangers

And this awesome alarm clock that won't stop buzzing till you shoot a bullseye

For those cold nights I found the perfect gift. A BLANKET TO HAVE SEX INSIDE OF!!! GENIUS

Coming back to reality...You can grab this iPhone case that prints out your photos on the spot

And since Buddy Bravado and Hauk Vagner are gonna read this... I give you the coolest golf cart in the world

Gifts for the Kitchen:

I know I separated this from the Home category but I was to lazy to back and fix it so ya...

I found a bunch of cool cutting boards like this OCD cutting board

 This bad ass mario brothers cutting board
 And this cool folding cutting board to make it easier to get you veggies in the pan
 I also found this really cool juicer for the alien loving lemonade lover in the family

The spartan knife block would make an awesome gift

 One of my personal favs.....rubber wine glasses for kids! No but seriously, these would be ideal for drinking wine poolside

 And if the woman of the house get wine glasses the man should get these iceberg whiskey glasses

 While on the topic of alcohol, I thought i'd mention Snake Venom. I came across this beer claiming its the worlds most alcoholic beer. Its 67% alcohol by vol. NUTS!!!

 And to top off this category, I found the most vulgar vegan cookbook. It's called Thug Kitchen

and it has recipes like the one pictured below

Gifts for Granny:

Everyone loves their grandmother so I thought I'd add a section of gifts that would cheer up any granny.

Simple gifts like this butterfly tea holder thing. Whatever it is, its pleasing to my eye and i'm sure granny would love it too

  And if you're drinking tea you need sugar. What cooler gift then sugar cut up like puzzle pieces

 Oh thats right, the only thing cooler then that is sugar cut out like a Doilie! Granny just fainted
 And this last gift is actually for anyone with bad memory. You just slip on this cover on you iPhone or keys and can track them anywhere anytime

Gifts to wear:

I know no one likes getting  sweater as a Christmas gift but I think these sweaters are the exception.

For the Home Alone fan in the house

 For the Perv in the house
 For the Bigger Perv in the house
 This is just hilarious. There is so much going on in this sweater.
 For the girl who has everything
 For the guy who has everything
 Toilet paper earings!!
 And you can pair them with this 2-part Jaws necklace. Any girl would love this!
 And for the Star Wars fan in your life....So good!

Gifts that are for fun:

I also found some gifts that I would buy for say a white elephant or a company xmas this Bluetooth Glove Phone. 

 Or this tub of Hair Mayonnaise!! The perfect stocking stuffer.
 And finally... Accordion Hero. Whoever this man is??? I like his style.

That's all I found this year folks. Hopefully there are one or two things in there that'll get you in the gift giving mood. Or at least, you'll buy some amazing stuff for yourself.

Merry Xmas in advance


Charles DarWizard