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The Best Chuck Norris gifs of All Time!

Whats better than Chuck Norris? The only answer to this question is....nothing. Nothing is better than Chuck Norris. The only things that are close to being better than Chuck Norris are Chuck Norris gifs. Here are our personal favorite Chuck Norris gifs in no particular order. 
 There are many amazing things happening in the above gif. I can't help but flinch every time I look at this. It's not only the power and speed unleashed by his fist, but its the menacing look on his face that would strike fear in any man. Here's a philosophical question; when you scroll down this page, does Chuck Norris ever stop punching? I think not. 
This gif proves that even when Chuck Norris isn't directly looking at you, he is still watching and waiting for enemies to strike at any time. What makes this gif so good, is not only the fact that he caught the crumpled paper with his back turned but the power and accuracy he generates when he throws the paper back at his foe. Look at the pain on the students face when the paper nails him. Perfect!
This particular gif isn't really Chuck Norris. How do I know this? Not because they obviously placed Walker Texas Ranger's face on Nigel du Jong's body. I know its not really Chuck because the guy getting kicked didn't explode into a gazillion pieces. 
This appears to be an epic battle between titans of the martial arts world. Some would argue that Bruce Lee would be too fast for Chuck. However the gap is closed with Chuck cleverly using his massive amount of chest hair to hypnotize Bruce Lee and stun him when he is in his dazed state. 
 This proves that you aren't even safe from Chuck Norris' powerful kick when trying run over him with a car. Chuck will never be denied. NEVER!
No chainsaw toting lumberjack, you may NOT cut down this tree! Chuck Norris is going for the stealth Grizzly Adams look here only with an extra touch of Grizzly. They have yet to build a chainsaw that can surpass the power of Chuck Norris' grasp. 

Buddy Bravado