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10 Scientific Myths Debunked

Here at Arka, we take pride in being as well rounded as possible. It helps us have a wide range of design themes so we avoid being repetitive. It's no secret that science is easily one of our favorite topics and with that, we'd like to debunk a few scientific myths that are prevalent in the mainstream.

1. Lightning never strikes the same place twice
This is simply not true. Area's that have high levels of humidity are likelier to have thunderstorms which will increase the frequency of lightning. The Empire State Building gets struck by lightning approximately 25 times a year. So, the idea lighting not striking the same place twice, totally wrong.

2. Diamonds are simply pressurized coal
Despite what Kanye West might tell you, diamonds don't really come from coal. Diamonds come from a very pure form of carbon called graphite which resides deep in the earth's mantle and migrates to the surface with volcanic eruptions. Coal is a much less pure form of carbon that forms at the earth's surface. The funny thing is, diamond formation isn't completely understood, mainly because of how deep under the surface they are produced.

3. You only use 10% of your brain
Although its hard to believe, especially after meeting certain people that seem to not have a brain at all, we actually use our entire brain throughout the course of the day. Your brain requires 20% of the oxygen and glucose that is brought into your body. Considering it needs this much energy to operate, there is no way your only using 10% of your brain. Also, damaging any part of the brain results in losing some type of cognitive function.

4. Cracking you knuckles will lead to arthritis
The popping sound you hear when you stretch your joints is a bubble that pops within the fluid contained in your knuckles. The Synovial fluid acts as a cushion in your joints to reduce friction from the daily wear and tear your body needs to deal with.

5. Water conducts electricity
Water itself is not a conductor, its the impurity in water that acts like a conductor. The water we come across contains many minerals which give water its conductive trait.

6. Astronauts would explode without their space suit
You would definitely die very fast without a space suit but you wouldn't explode. You would lose consciousness and freeze to death in about 30 seconds.

7. The earth's distance from the sun creates the seasons
The earth is closest to the sun in January so that theory doesn't hold true since the top half of earth is freezing cold during that time. Its actually the earths axis that causes the seasons. Summer happens because we are tilted towards the sun.

8. Antibiotics can kill a virus
No. You can't kill something thats not alive. A virus is more like a bomb that you have to deactivate rather than kill. It can not reproduce on its own, it must first find a host like the cells in your body.

9. Einstein was bad at school
Actually Einstein was really good at school, especially math. This myth was either created to make slackers feel better about themselves or parents to feel better about their kids.

10. Toilets in the southern hemisphere flush clockwise
This is known as the Coriolis Effect which is related to inertia and determines the rotation of an object in a frame of reference. This explains how the Earth's rotation affects weather patterns. The reality is that there isn't enough water in a single flush to be affected by this phenomenon. It all depends on the angle at which the water get poured into the toilet bowl. I blame The Simpsons for making this a mainstream belief.