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Political Art by Robbie Conal

Art is another form of communication.  Artists love expressing their beliefs through their work.  Robbie Conal is a pioneer of street art.  Especially when it comes to political posters.  His work is usually overshadowed by the notorious political artists - Shepard Fairey and Banksy.

Like Fairey and Banksy, Conal has a very distinct style.  It's playful, yet powerful.  Conal makes the portrait look almost as if they are deteriorating - sort of like a Zombie.  You'll see plenty of his posters in Los Angeles, some of which you may even be able to interact with.  Like this one of Mitt Romney.

In this image, you see Mitt Romney's beat up face, with a thought cloud on the top.  Conal obviously wants people to write whatever you may wish, probably making fun of Romney himself, inside the cloud.

This image showcases Obama and pokes fun at Shepard Fairey's famous poster of Obama.  You know, that one that wrote hope or change on the bottom of it.  In this case we see change at the bottom of the portrait, as well as climate on the top.  Conal clearly doesn't agree with Obama's views on our environment.  Something tells me that Mother Nature doesn't agree with it either.

Here is our Speaker of the House John Boehner, who despises Obama's Obamacare.  Conal is pointing out that the Speaker is only looking out for his pockets, instead of America's population's pockets, with the words wealth care on the poster.

Robbie Conal has been creating these types of posters for awhile now.  Like I said earlier, the guy is a pioneer in street art that makes fun of our political figures.  He isn't as widely known as Shepard Fairey and Banksy, but he's certainly at their level.

Hauk Vagner