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Stupidest Inventions Ever

When I see really bad inventions, the first thing that comes to mind is that whoever invented that, probably has really crappy friends. Seriously, think about that. Whenever I think of something and it happens to be a stupid idea, my friends make sure to let me know. As mean spirited as it may be, they save me from tons of embarrassment. So in a weird way, it makes me realize that they actually care about me. The following inventions were made by people that didn't have very good friends ... or didn't have any friends for that matter.
The eye drop funnel. Perfect for the stoner that lacks the coordination and accuracy to place a single drop of Clear Eyes from .003 inches away. Luckily they have something for that.
The Noodle Guard. I've had moments were I devour my Ramen a little too aggressively. Now I could protect my forehead and throat from getting splashed on by the delicious pork broth soup. The fact that you look like a giant pink flower is another added perk to this invention.
This couple didn't want to deprive their baby from the joys of ice skating. The elation on the baby's face says it all. The elusive Baby Holder/Swing has so many great virtues that its impossible to list them all in this post. Besides, holding babies is completely overrated. 
This is machine gun with a curved barrel. Why does it have a curved barrel you ask? To shoot around corners obviously. Why risk actually looking at the target when you can blindly spray around the corner and hope to hit something. 
Handerpants. I once received this as a gift for Christmas. Not even joking. I'm actually not even that upset about it, because I believe in Karma. 
The Marshmallow Shooter. Equipped with a laser pointer to make sure it has the upmost accuracy. 
This looks like something that would do really well on Etsy. I may want to contact the person who invented this and ask if they want to collaborate. Graphic Laptop Privacy Body Socks. Brilliant!
I love that the packaging says 'Impress your friends'. With what exactly. Your ability to use a fork and knife with one hand? The packaging also states,'Just like using a knife and fork'. Ummmm, maybe because it IS a knife and fork, only longer. 
Did you ever want to troll your baby and suspend him or her outside your window? Than this is the perfect invention for you. Taking your baby out for a stroll...boring. Why do that when you can channel their inner dare devil. Put them in this cage and put your mind at ease while your child has a birds eye view outside your apartment window. 
 I know that people hate the rain. I get it, getting wet sucks. Whenever it rains in Los Angeles, people don't even want to step foot outside their homes. But I'd rather get wet than look this ridiculous. 

If there were any bad inventions that I missed, please don't deprive me of that amazingness. Email me, Tweet me, get a hold of me by any means necessary. I must know!
Buddy Bravado