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Ten of the Strangest Animals You Will Ever See

At Arka, we are big fans of the animal kingdom, which is pretty evident in our designs. We love to incorporate nature into our designs whenever we have the opportunity and are constantly inspired by wildlife. Here are some of the weirdest animals that we've seen through our search for inspiration. 
This alien looking thing is called a Mantis Shrimp. This crustacean gets its name from the way it spears and dismembers its prey. Don't let the beautiful colors fool you, this is a pretty aggressive sea creature that can pierce through aquatic glass. 

This animal bears a strong resemblance to my fellow designer Charles DarWizard. This lemur has an odd name to match its odd look, Aye-Aye.

The Gerenuk is a type of Antelope found in Africa. They have really long necks so they can get to those hard to reach leaves. 

This is the Dumbo Octopus which gets its name from the "ears" that it has at the top of its head. It maneuvers itself by flapping its ears so it may glide through the ocean. 

The Leafy Sea Dragon gets its name for obvious reasons. These grow up to 10 inches in length. 

This beast is called a Hooded Seal. The male genre of these species have a unique nasal cavity that inflates when it feels threatened. These seals can grow up to 8.5 feet !

This plastic balloon-looking animal called the Pink See-Through Fantasia. It can be found 2,500 meters below the surface of the Celebes Sea.

This is known as the Sun Bear. These bears are known for a pale patch on their throat that usually is crescent shaped. 

This grumpy looking thing is known as the Blog Fish. Its flesh is like gelatin and has a mass that is less dense than water.

 This is a member of the wasp family but known as a Panda Ant. These are wingless, however, and are known to have a painful sting. 

There you have it. These were the strangest animals that we could think of. If you know of some that could top these feel free to share with us. 

Buddy Bravado