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The Art of Food

   Recently I came across an artist by the name of Vivi Mac. For those of you that have never heard the name, she's a young "up and coming" artist from France. Self taught, Ms. Mac takes the idea of playing with her food to a whole other level. Here are some of her pieces i've come across.

Bruce Lee in Milk
 Tupac with cereal
 Yoda with Gum
 Mona Lisa with BBQ sauce and Mustard
 Gandhi with chocolate milk
 Some one important with (butter?)
 Ice Cube with Ice and Salt (clever)
 Amy Winehouse with wine
 Someone more famous then me with ketchup
 Someone starring into the sun with coffee
 The french Justin Timberlake with Ketchup
 Some woman more famous then me in Caramel
 Spock in toast
 Giant Karate Chopping guy with Peach sauce
 George Clooney? with coffee
 Steve Jobs in an apple
 The Pope in wine ( You see what she did there)
 Alexandra? in coffee
 The Marshmallow man in marshmallow
 Eminem? in Caramel
 Someone important in flan
 Will Smith in Oil
 The Marlboro man in Liquor
 I'm just gonna skip this one
 John Lennon with whip cream ( on a boobie)
 Michael Jackson with milk
 I got nothing for this one
 Amelie with Rich Chocolate Ovaltine?
 And Captain Jack Sparrow with Rum

I apologize for not knowing some of the faces in the pictures. I will be the first to admit my lack of culture, but you can't deny the talent of Vivi Mac. If you want to see more of her work you can check out her Youtube channel:

Or hit up her facebook page (warning it's all in french):

Till Next Time!

Charles DarWizard