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Sports Tears

2006.  Miami.  Superbowl.  Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts win the big game and my father, brother and I are tearing up.  Sports tears are epic, my friends.  They are glorious tears of victory or of a deep sadness after a big loss.  Either way, they tell a story that has so many different perspectives.  Also, one of the many times you'll see so many men crying.  It's a big cry party once something big goes down in sports.

Even in sports movies.  I always tear up when I see the good ol' Jamaican bobsled team carrying their sled to the finish line in "Cool Runnings,"  or when the quarterback couldn't score the game winning touchdown in "Friday Night Lights."  I'm not ashamed of it, I'm proud of it.

Sports tears are a time when bro's all over the world have an excuse to let it all out and cry.  That picture of Michael Jordan holding the championship trophy and straight up balling all over it.  I cried too, even though I don't like him at all.  

Oh shit, sports tears galore!
That time I missed the game winning shot in the playoffs during my high school team's basketball game.  I cried my ass off.  That feeling when Magic Johnson retired from basketball after he got HIV (not AIDS people), I was only two years old then, but after having watched all his games during my childhood (thanks dad), I can't help but tear up when I see that speech.  Or when Peyton Manning became a Bronco after the Colts released him, I cried during that speech too.  I'm not ashamed!

Why am I doing this to myself? :(
Sports tears are the best.  They're like seeing unicorns for the first time running across a glorious rainbow with gold coins pouring down the sky.  They're magical tears that mean you care so much about a ball and a hoop, or a ball and a goal.  Speaking of soccer, or futbol, if team USA or England were still in the running for this year's World Cup and somehow won, I would have been crying my ass off.  Make fun of me, I don't care.  I almost got sports tears when I won my fantasy football league this year (it was a struggle, a beautiful struggle though).
Yup, that's my amazing trophy. (shout out to the Gridiron Gang).
I get that sports were made for kids, but when you've taken them so seriously at such a young age, you get hooked.  You become really passionate for these games that you've worked really hard for and where you've met so many good people - it becomes such a big deal to you.  So when I see these professional athletes getting emotional over reaching one of their lifetime goals or getting just short of reaching it, I feel that feel and I tear up with them.  Cry on sports athletes and fans, there is no shame in it.

Hauk Vagner