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Watermelon 101

Let it be known that Charles DarWizard is a watermelon fiend! HAHA!!!

Eating a watermelon takes most people back to a fun time in their childhood. In my case, it transports me back to my grandmother's kitchen where my cousins, my brother, and I would sit on hot summer days and rip through an entire watermelon in a matter of minutes.

And seeing as it's now watermelon season, it got me thinking... Most people love eating watermelon, but don't know anything about them. They don't know how to pick them, how to cut them or the differences between them. 

Now you're asking yourself a few questions: What does a graphic designer know about watermelon? Why am I (that's you) spending so much time reading a blog about watermelon?

Who knows!

But if you have the slightest curiosity...check out the following:

PHASE 1: How to pick the best watermelon?!

So I did some digging on the interwebs and found the most common threads in all the underground watermelon blogs (they do exist) were all saying you need to look for 5 things when choosing a good watermelon.

1) Gloss is bad - Apparently you wanna get a watermelon that is dull in color. Glossy = Not Ripe
2) Creamy Yellow Spot - You wanna make sure your watermelon has a discolored spot which means that it hasn't moved since it started growing on the vine. And the yellower that spot the better
3) Knock it out - Everyone knows about the knock test. You smack the poor melons around like they owe you money and listen for the sound. They say the deeper the sound...the less ripe the melon
4) Fatso - Go for the heaviest guy you find. The heavier the melon is the better. It means it's retained a lot of juice.
5) Luck of the Irish - You can do all of the above and still get a horrible melon so as much as the first 4 tips will increase your odds....A little bit of luck always helps!

PHASE 2: FUN WITH MELONS! (No pun intended)

Looking around the web, I came across a lot of creative people who have done some amazing things with watermelons. Enjoy.

Simple shapes

Melon Balls

Melon Baskets
 Cooler Melon Baskets
 Melon BBQ....with Fruit Kebabs!! Brilliant!

 Melon Stroller
 Melon Shark
 Melon Arkamedes!!!
 Melon Art


 This is just ridiculously good!
 So is this!
And then here's what the rest of the world does with their watermelons...

They shove their babies in them and take photos. Haha.


Most people don't know that there are different kinds of watermelons. And I'm not talking about seedless, or the mini-melons. I'm talking about Yellow watermelons.

They have a missing pigment in their flesh which makes them yellow instead of red.

And Cube Watermelon.

Apparently this is the craze in Japan. I gotta say they do look cool.

All this watermelon talk is probably making you hungry. But before diving into one of these watery bad-boys, you might want to take a moment to ensure that you're eating them right. Here are two videos that'll teach you the proper way to eat a watermelon.

Anyways, I gotta go. I got hungry talking about watermelon. I hope you learned something and if you have any super secret tips of your own...shoot them over to me @CharlesDarwiz

Charles DarWizard