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Top 10 Martial Arts Movies of the 80's

     That's right folks....I'm a fan of the 80's cheese! I don't know what it is about cheesball 80's martial arts movies, but they get me every time and I've decided to make a list of some of my favorites. Here they are in no particular order. Do yourself a favor and watch them all!


Arguably the best movie to come out of the 80's. So many quotable lines from this movie, I don't know where to start. Anything from "You look like a Jackson," to "I don't care if Bruce Springsteen is his Shidoshi." The only thing that rivals this film is Van Damme's other hit of the 80's .....


Four words sum up this film. "You want this? (Bang!)" Well the Bang is actually the signature Van Damme sound, but semantics aside....Great film!

Big Trouble in Little China

Some might ask why this movie is on a list of martial arts films, but if you've seen it, you know there are plenty of scenes of high flying sword fighting. Sure Kurt Russel isn't your typical martial artist but this film is worth the watch.

Best of the Best

So good! So unbelievably cheesy. If you don't watch it for James Earl Jones, or for Sean Penn's brother Chris Penn, watch it for the amazing 80's training montages. A must see for any 80's fan.

Karate Kid

I really don't know anyone who hasn't seen this movie. It's a no-brainer! Aside from the fact that there's nothing cheesy about this movie, other then the hair styles back then, the acting is probably the best of any martial arts movie. Wax on wax off! Enough said.

[Drunken Master] and [Game of Death]

Ok, so I broke the rules a little here. Both these movies are from 1978, but how do you put together a list of 80's martial arts movies and not include Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee. C' just don't. Both movies are amazing. Jacky Chan with his Vidal Sassoon hair was unstoppable in the Drunken Master, and Bruce Lee's yellow jumpsuit in Game of Death is iconic. Not to mention the fact that they got Kareem Abdul Jabbar to fight him in this movie. If you've never seen someone get kicked from 8 feet away, you need to check this film out!

Lone Wolf Mcquade

Chuck Norris.... David Carradine....Explosions....what more do you want? A Norris classic! There's a reason why he has the reputation he does.

Remo Williams

This is one of those rare finds. Most people have no idea this movie exists, and even fewer have actually seen it. I came across it by accident one day. I had finished watching another movie when Remo Williams came on next. I guess I was too lazy to change the channel, and I'm thankful that I was. It's an awesome movie! Chalk full of cheesy characters and outlandish feats of martial arts magic. Sooooo Good!

The Last Dragon

One of my favorite movies of all time! I saved it for last because it has a special place in my heart. I've probably watched this film at least 100 times, no joke! I own it on DVD and my brother gave me the VHS copy for Christmas a few years ago. I don't know how he found it, but it's probably the greatest gift anyone's ever given me. He is the master!

That's all I got. If you're a true fan of the 80's cheese, you're probably sitting in your chair right now leaning back with a big grin on your face doing a slow clap. On the other hand, if you haven't seen these films, do yourselves a favor and snap to it! Oh and I know there must be a ton of movies I forgot about or just haven't seen. If you have any in mind that you think I need to watch, hit me up on Twitter @CharlesDarwiz.

Charlie D. Wiz