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Road Trip up the California Coast

This past weekend I took a road trip from Los Angeles to Monterey, Ca with my better half (more like the better 3 quarters).  Instead of taking the boring route up highway 5, we took the 1, which follows the coast of California.  So every step of the way we saw the beautiful blue ocean to our left and mountains filled with green pastures and big ass cows.

We decided to make a stop in Big Sur, a few stops ahead of Carmel, to eat at Nepenthe.  They had typical American diner food - burgers, fries, salads, etc.  The main reason why we stopped here was because of the amazing view the restaurant had to offer us.  We heard from a couple of friends (thanks David & Zella!) to eat at this place and check out how breathtaking the Cali coast is from 800 ft above sea level.

After our lunch, we headed back on track, up the 1, towards Monterey.  We passed through Carmel for a bit (fun fact: Clint Eastwood is the mayor of Carmel) and hit some traffic but all was well, besides for me road raging.
We reached our hotel, the Hyatt Regency, and rested a bit before we headed out for the night.  The hotel was okay... our neighbors were two loud gossiping women who didn't like some dude named Matt or something.  At night we drove around in circles trying to find a restaurant called Lallapalooza.  For some reason the city of Monterey doesn't believe in having normal street signs underneath street lights.  They're more of the "let's not have street lamps to keep the streets creepy dark so outsiders have no idea where they are going" type of people.  Once we found the spot, it was chill.  Bar up front blasting club music, while restaurant seating was towards the middle and back of the place.  The food was alright, but nothing to get excited over.
The next morning we woke up and headed over to the Monterey Bay Aquarium after some waffles and french toast.  We both our geeks when it comes to animals so we loved the aquarium and what it had to offer us.  Here are some of the creatures we got to see.

Awesome penguin doing penguin things.
Baby leopard sharks, cute right?
Awesome hammerhead shark.

Moon jellies floating around and shit.

So after our morning at the aquarium we stayed in Cannery Row, which is a cool little place with a bunch of shops.  We rented some bikes there and road them towards Pebble Beach which I finally got to see the beautiful golf course in person.  Hopefully I'll be able to play there some day.  Sooner the better.  So here are some images of what we saw on our bike trip.

I know it's tough to see but those are some seals being lazy.  They were there for hours.
The significant other admiring Pebble Beach.
One of the holes at one of the Pebble Beach golf courses.
Our bike trip was done a couple hours later and back to the hotel room we went to get ready for the night.  We didn't do anything crazy, just had some sushi at Crystal Fish and had a great time at the bar besides for the dude sitting next to us who was really uninterested in his date and far more interested in mine.  To him I say good luck, but not really.

Anyways, our overall trip was great to say the least, I'd definitely recommend going to Monterey for anyone who wants to chill out and see some amazingly clear oceans.  LA folks aren't really used to such clean sea water.  I'd go there again but not anytime soon, unless I'm there to play some golf.

Hauk Vagner