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Truths About Los Angeles

My family moved to the City of Angels when I was two years old. There are many things I love about this city, along with a few that I don't. There are times I get complacent, but one thing I know for sure is that there is no other place I would rather live ... for now at least. During the last 28 years here, I've moved around a lot and have seen pretty much everything this city has to offer (that I care to see at least). I hear so many opinions about LA from people that don't live here, and I just wanted to shine some light on some of those assumptions and make a few recommendations where applicable.
1. Most people do not work in the entertainment industry. In fact, the entertainment industry is only the 7th largest industry in Los Angeles. Banking, manufacturing and import/export are all much larger.

2. You will hardly ever see a celebrity. Most of us who live here see a celebrity no more than a handful of times each year, and when we do it's usually someone whose name you can't remember. It's "that one guy from that one thing." 
3. Most people do not live near the beach. The L.A. coastline is 75 miles long, however it takes most people at least half an hour to get to the beach. Whenever I go to the beach, I wonder why I don't go more often, but whenever I think about the drive, I realize I have better access to a friend with a pool. I know it's not the same, but on the plus side I can enjoy a beer without getting fined. 
4. L.A. drivers are not that bad. Sure we have tons of traffic and that could lead to some road rage, but at least most drivers in L.A. stay within the lines and mostly obey traffic laws. If you've been to New York or other crowded cities you'd understand what I mean. People in N.Y. don't stay within the lines when they drive, especially the cab drivers. 
5. Earthquakes are not a big deal. There are hundreds of earthquakes that register annually and you won't even feel them. If it were so dangerous, L.A. wouldn't be one of the most populated cities in the world. 
 6. Most people are not stuck up and rich. The median combined household income is approximately $47,000 (don't quote me on this, but I think I'm close). One thing that's great about L.A. is that you usually get great service no matter where you go. Whether it's sincere or not, most people will be pretty nice. 
7. Gang violence is not as common as you may think. Sure there are some bad areas, but you can easily avoid them. Just take normal measures of caution like you would if you lived anywhere else. 
8. These hot dogs are made outside, cooked in lard and wrapped in bacon, but they taste so good after a night of drinking that none of that matters.

Buddy Bravado