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The Cavemen Would Be Jealous

    About three weeks ago my friends over at Maiden Voyage invited me to a "Speakeasy Style" tool show. For those of you that don't know Maiden Voyage, check them out, they have really great stuff.

So ya...apparently every so often on a Saturday morning, a group of older bad ass guys get together in an alley behind a plywood store in L.A. and they Buy, Sell, or Trade old tools. They have everything from old tool chests and the tools you put in them, to the old manuals for repairing them and even smaller older tools to fix other old tools. Its like a tool mind scramble. Here are some of the pics I took that day to give you an idea of what it looked like.

From the street, this is the only visible sign of what's going on in the alley.

Once you walk in see swap meet style tents with table after table of old tools.

It's not the biggest gathering, but I gotta say they had some really cool stuff!

Including this giant bolt cutter....

This old flare gun....

And this booth..... they sold old wrenches that had one side sharpened into a blade. You can check them out at Sharpenyourwrench

The only problem with the show in my opinion was the pricing. Some of these guys are probably getting high on the fumes coming out of these old tools to be charging some of these prices. Not all the vendors were unreasonable, but I'm just forewarning anyone who seeks this place out....bring lots of money if you wanna buy something cool.

In my case, I got lucky with the only thing I could afford which was this old school brass wire stripper.

All I need now is giant piece of wire to strip!

Till next time.

Charlie D. Wiz