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2014 Magic Market Week Golf Invitational

      So we found out that every year the Magic Market Trade show hosts two Golf Invitationals. With a few die-hard golfers on our crew, we knew we had to attend. This year the first invitational was held on February 17th at the Rio Secco Golf Club in Las Vegas. (pictured below)

They were gracious enough to extend ARKA an invitation to play at this beautiful course, so obviously we jumped on it!

Thinking it would make a great blog post I took a bunch of photos during the tournament and thought I'd share it today....Here we go!!

The tournament had a bus that took the players from the Mandalay Bay over to the course....the only problem was....the bus left at 6:00am. So we all got up at 5:00am and made our way over.

After a 20 minute bus ride, we arrived to a complimentary breakfast spread in the clubhouse.

And as soon as we left the clubhouse....The alcohol sponsor, Belvedere Vodka, welcomed us with open arms. I couldn't say no to two vodka vixens offering Bloody Mary' I had one ... or five.... And yes....I was wearing that.

At 8:00am they gave every team a caddy, explained the rules of the tournament, and set us off to have some fun. We were lucky to get this really cool caddy named Badger. He's the gentlemen in the middle of the picture below.

His job was to give us tips and keep our confidence up on this super difficult course, but instead he probably spent most of his time running around trying to find the balls we sliced all over the place. Before long we got the hang of it, plus the alcohol started to kick in and the day got really fun.

It was just....



Oh...but one of the coolest holes on the course in true Vegas fashion was called the Million Dollar Hole!

It's very simple....If you can get a hole in one on this hole...You win a million dollars. Needless to say we all failed.

All in all...It was a great day. We had a blast and after 18 holes of scramble golf, our team score was an 81. That's only 9 over par and without a handicap...we thought we did great!

Unfortunately, it ended up being the worst score in the tournament...

And as a consolation prize we were each given a gift certificate to the pro shop.

So that was our day....and after the shellacking we got, I can promise you we're going to do better next time....


Charlie D.Wiz