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Dear Sea World and Zoos Around the World

Every time someone suggests going to the zoo or seeing dolphins and killer whales do crazy jumps, I turn the other cheek.  I despise zoos and sea worlds and any other caged up place you can detain a wild animal.  I don't want to see sad meerkats, hinting at me with their look, telling me how crappy their lives are in their caged up world.  It pisses me off that these companies exploit the hell out of these creatures and make bank off them.  Don't get me wrong, it may be convenient and practical for humans to go see these awesome animals, but it isn't for them!

The last time I went to a zoo was a couple of months ago and I saw this hippo facing a door going buckwild.  I had no idea what was going on until I walked past its exhibit and saw a rhino at the other side of the door going buckwild.  I'm not a scientist, by any means, but I know what pissed off and depressed looks like.  I mean... look at this tiger, look at how sad this beast is!

I'd take this guy home and nurture the hell out of it, if I knew it wouldn't eat my ass on the way there.  Look, it's cool to take your kids there, because they're innocent and cute, but it's not that cool for adults to check these places out.  It's just too depressing since we all know how these animals are being caged up and taken away from their families.  Not cool Sea World and zoos.  Not cool.

Hauk Vagner