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Talk About Recycling

    Recently, I came across a Korean Artist by the name of Yong Ho Ji. Mr. Ji is a sculptor, but his medium is what caught my eye. All his sculptures are made of used rubber tires. I dare not ask where he gets these tires, but once he acquires them...he makes some amazing pieces of art. Here is some of his work:

The Lion

 The Ram

 The Minotaur

Another Ram

The Werewolf

The Gorilla

The Bull

And Buddy Bravado's favorite...The Shark

I just realized that I wrote this blog post like a 4th grader, and I'm so lazy I don't wanna go back and rewrite it....soo....I'm just gonna make light of the situation and apologize for it's childish nature.

Oh and if you guys wanna see more of Mr. Ji's work feel free to check out his site.

Till next time...

 Charles D. Wizard