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The Best Month of the Year!

Finally!! It's No Shave November!!

That's right folks, it's that magical time of the year where the whole of American women come together and give their men permission to grow a mustache to promote Prostate Cancer awareness. What a great concept!

And seeing as how I've been growing a beard for the last 10 months... I felt like it was my responsibility to write a blog post about it.

Beards, Mustaches and excessive patches of hair anywhere on the body are all fair game in this post, so here we go. I thought I'd split this post in parts to make the beard absorption process easier.

Part I: Great men with Beards and Mustaches

Mark Twain (with his shirt off for some reason)
 Albert Einstein (also shirtless ... all coincidental, I promise)
 Ambrose Burside - Inventor of the Sideburns
 Even modern celebrities like Tom Hardy are pulling off the pirate look.

Part II: Great Feats of Hair:

From growing a massive beard

 To massive amounts of back hair
 To the worlds most amazing unibrow
These guys are all special in their own way.

Part III: Fun with hair!!

Animals with mustaches....
Babies/kids with mustaches....theres nothing cooler than a parent who puts a mustache on his kid.

And for those of you who geek out over science facts...check this out:

Thats right ladies... The mustache is our birth right!!

Part IV: Hair ART!!!! Men just having fun with their hair!

 The All American Mustache
 The All American Beard

 This last guy is the poster child for Movember!!

I don't know why but I had to add these photos in here...They just belong I guess.

Part V: Random Greatness

 Beards and bears just go together.

And what beard blog post is complete without some funny beard humor...

Part VI: Beard Humor!


And finally at the end of the are forced to shave the glory off their faces...but if your gonna do it in a manly way...and nothing is manlier then shaving with an axe!

Unless you're Chuck Norris....He probably shaves by dunking his face into lava...

Bad idea Chuck...He should never shave!
 DarWiz out!

Charles DarWizard