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Getting Creative for Halloween

Nothing fancy. Just thought I'd throw up a few pics I gathered of cool Halloween costumes. People are getting pretty creative this year.

Of course people dress their dogs up as well, and my favorite dog costumes this year were the mammoth and the ewok. Ewok takes it though... in my opinion.

Next up... The Children's Category. What's the fun of having a kid if you can't have some fun with him/her. And this year...I'm proud of some of these parents.

Little Frida is amazing and so is the 300 baby, not to mention the stache on the roman gladiator, but the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man costume takes the candy...pun intended! However, I also found a cool pic of a mother incorporating her baby into her costume...I like it!

Next up... The Group Category! It's not easy to get a bunch of people together to pull off an idea but these people pulled it off. They're all good. I can't say I have a favorite.

The Women's Category category is a bit more difficult because I feel like women have taken every costume and made a sexy version of it...From sexy zombies to sexy mummies and anime characters. I'm leaning toward the zombie creature thing though.

Actually my favorite women's costume was actually done by a guy! Lol!

Aside from this genius man.... my other favorite Men's Costumes are...

This creepy!



Super Creative

Least creative but I still love it....haha

So that's all I got....oh and this awesome pumpkin carving...can't forget that.

Happy Halloween!

Charles DarWizard