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The Condition of Being Uninspired

Every creative goes through phases of feeling inspired and uninspired. While inspired, everything you create comes out looking the way you saw it, through and through. However, while uninspired, your art looks forced, hurried and sloppy.

When I feel uninspired I usually stop making art and start doing other things.  It could be playing a sport or reading, or even playing video games just to get my mind off of the designing process.  That is a key part of getting me back to feeling inspired.  I do other things so I miss making art and doing what I love.  For example, while I'm at Arka's trade shows in New York or Las Vegas, I like to walk around the aisles, see what other artists are making and get a few ideas brewing in my head.  I also venture out into the city (this goes for New York, especially). I just like to get a feel for my environment.  I try to absorb whatever information I can about my surroundings and turn it into something on my digital canvas.

Craving to make art is one of the best feelings to me.  I put my headphones on, phone on vibrate, and get to work.  Getting something done the way I see it in my head makes me feel satisfied and accomplished, as I'm sure other artists do.  While I was still going to graphic design school, I received a B- on one of my first projects in an upper division class.  This pissed me off to say the least.  During my one-on-one with the professor, for the very next project, I told him that I won't disappoint and I won't receive anything less than an A.  He kind of smirked at me and told me to make it happen.  I did just that.

The project I got a B- on.  Two hands joining, making a flame for the Olympic Games.

V for Vendetta poster for a fictional film festival.

Kill Bill poster for a fictional film festival.

 I made these film festival posters (this project also included other assets) while I was inspired and motivated - and it certainly paid off.  My professor praised me for what the improvement I made and that's because I was craving to make art.  The Munich Olympic Games logo was very much hurried and sloppy because I wasn't feeling inspired, nor did I care too much about the project.  It was a mess from the beginning.  During that project's review my classmates told me that the logo looks like "two bears high five-ing each other."  I will never forget that.

Is there a major difference between working on something while feeling uninspired and inspired? Short answer = yes.  The desire to create what's in your mind drives you to make sure it's made right.  When you don't care for something, you simply go through the motions and make sure it's just good enough.  Bottom line is, I basically have an excuse for when my art sucks now. ;)