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Not all designs make the cut

Every season we have certain designs that just don't make the cut. Sometimes it hurts to omit some of these, but it happens for various reasons. Some don't fit in with the rest of the line. Some may have a redundant theme and others just plain aren't worthy. So here are a few that didn't make the cut this time around.
This design was called "Own Worst Enemy" and its a snake thats about to attack itself. Within the body of the snake we have the words "Own Worst Enemy" scripted. We didn't feel like the aesthetic matched us, and we also weren't sure if the message would be easily understandable. 

The above design was called "Prescription Killer." The theme is a bit heavy so we tried to downplay it with a cartoony look. However, we felt that the designs we approved were way stronger than this, and that might hurt its performance. So we axed it. 
So this gem is called "The Drones: World Tour." Again, we tried to put a sarcastic spin on a very controversial topic. We weren't sure if people were quite ready for such a heavy theme, and if there would be a demand for this message on a shirt. I personally love this design, even though it wasn't one of mine. It was actually the work of Hauk Vagner, and I was really sad to cut it from our line.