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Halloween Theme Park Review!

Hey Arkademics!!! It's Halloween, and that means the many theme parks around LA are trying their best to scare their patrons (and make a profit at the same time)!!! I usually make an effort to visit at least one amusement park each year to see if there's anything new in the scare scene, but this year I mustered up the gumption to visit two parks in two days! That's back-to-back frights, and entirely too much theme park food (not to mention all the tourist photos I photo bombed).

Just in case you're interested, here are my thoughts on two of L.A.'s best known parks during Halloween.

First up ... Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights!!

I'm a fan of Universal's Halloween theme. They've definitely made a name for working with some of the biggest names in horror, most notable this year was 'The Walking Dead' (represented by both a maze and through this year's Terror Tram). They're also very centrally located. Some of the negatives include the lack of space (it's a smaller park) and the incredibly looooong lines for nearly every attraction.

Overall the Terror Tram was a bit of a disappointment (felt like we were being rushed the entire time), but the mazes aren't pretty good (the Evil Dead in particular is a favorite). However, walking on the lot is fun, and the 'Walking Dead' decorations were really great.

Universal really playing up their 'Walking Dead' theme. 

Lines everywhere!!! Universal just isn't big enough to accommodate all their patrons during such a busy time.

Waiting in line for the Terror Tram!!
Arka's new Lion Tenor tee representing at Universal!!

Photo Op with the Bates Motel!!

Next up: Six Flags Fright Fest!

Before I got to the park, I stopped by T.G.I. Friday's for a Halloween themed drink!!!

Boo! Whiskey and Ghost Peeps!!!!

Six Flags definitely has the better Halloween offering in my most humble opinion. It's farther than I'd like to drive, but if you make a day out of it than it's well worth the time getting there (and the parking is just so much easier!).

I thought the offerings in terms of both rides, attractions and the scary characters themselves were better than Universal. The park offered a few unique mazes this year. My favorite was the new 'Total Darkness' maze, in which we had to go through the maze with almost no light. We literally had to keep in a straight line with our hands on a rope with a leader who had very little idea of where she was going - the experience was really fun though.

Great music and performances in the center of the park. 

The scare zones were much better than at Universal, and the employees are just more fun. 
Willouby's Maze!!!
More scare zone fun!
The employees are really good about posing for photos. 

Still had great decor! This is part of the Aftermath maze!!!

 So ... overall I'd definitely choose the Six Flags route if you have the time to drive further away. If you're going for Universal, my advice is to get there early and be patient. Either way you're bound to have a good time. Good luck!!