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Animals that Inspire

    Everyone who knows me knows that I collect gagillions of photos of the random-est things. You can tell from my blog posts that I'm a visual kinda guy and I like showing photos more then I like talking about them.

   This post is no different. So here in no particular order are pics of animals that inspire me to make some cool stuff.

    To start things off, I'm a fan of animals that have attitude...putting sunglasses on anything automatically gives it 2 cool points.

Even the all mighty sloth looks cooler with a pair of aviators. I'm sure it doesn't hurt that there are hundred dollar bills raining in the lenses!

Then there's your good old fashioned high res photo of animals being cute, whether it's a pig eating ice cream, or a puppy playing peek-a-boo, these animals are simply awesome.

And my personal favorite is when animals are photographed riding little skateboards or bikes

And as always I had to throw in a photo of a Russian man riding a bear to the supermarket...just because.

That's all I got for today. More to come.

Charles DarWizard