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Inside the making of "Make Peace"

   Here at the super cool ARKA headquarters, the gang tends to give me credit for the 'Make Peace' design that we released over a year ago ... when in fact ... that design was a collaboration. I'm about to take you into the true story behind the design and how it evolved from a crude drawing into a top selling tee.

     So one summer morning, I was sitting on my couch contemplating the universe as I usually do and an idea hit me for a new cool shirt. The initial idea was of a peace sign made with someones hand, except the fingers would be covered in band-aids. The concept behind it being that most people seem to think that war leads to peace.

  Anyways, I was sketching the idea in my head during a trade show in NY and while walking with Hauk Vagner on the Brooklyn bridge, I noticed a sticker of the exact concept I wanted to make.

 Here's the photo I took that day.

 It's not exactly how I would have designed it, but I liked it, and furthermore I would never use a design if someone beat me to it so I dropped it.

After a few weeks, thanks to the aid of Buddy Bravado, I revamped the concept and changed it. This time the concept was a little more tame but overall more universal.

Here's the initial sketch of the revamped Make Peace design

This concept was even simpler...Show that peace isn't something that comes naturally, you have to work at it and build it from the ground up.

So I showed the sketch to Buddy and Hauk and they both really liked the direction is was going in. Long story short, I created the first draft of the design...pictured below

However, Buddy Bravado hated the hand I used, so he created a better hand for me. (Pictured below)

After going back and forth and making tweaks to colors and adding little things here and there, we finally finished the design and added it to our line.

So ya ... that's it .... I've said it to the world. Buddy Bravado helped make this design what it is today. Are you happy now Buddy?

Oh and for you readers out there... if you didn't find this even mildly amusing ... I'm sorry ... if it helps, i've added a picture of an old russian man, with no shirt on, chasing a bear with an old club of some sort. That should cheer you up a little. MEANWHILE IN RUSSIA!!! ( I can see him screaming....GIVE ME BACK MY SANDWICH YOU CRAZY BEAR ANIMAL YOU!!!)

Till next time...

Charles DarWizard