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Dumb it Down

Last month we were in Las Vegas for the Project trade show. I enjoy being on the trade floor mainly to hear feedback from buyers (people who purchase items for their stores) regarding our new designs. I also like to pay attention to trends such as colors, patterns, silhouettes, etc. One of the comments we received from one of our clients was 'Wow! You guys are genius! How do you come up with these concepts?' I don't want to be the type of person that doesn't now how to take a compliment so I simply said 'Thank you' just to keep things normal. But I really began to think, is there really a word that has been abused more than the word 'genius'? I know I'm not a genius by any means. I probably have 40 or so teachers throughout my lifetime that would testify to this. Then another buyer said that our designs were 'too smart' for their customer and that they wouldn't understand them even though the design itself was nice. 

Well society, we promise to give you the benefit of doubt. We feel that there are enough of you that will 'get it' and not think that our designs our too smart for you. Our goal is that our designs must be something we take pride in. We refuse to dumb-it-down. Actually we want to smarten it up. 
There was a time where some of the most well known people on earth were scientists. Nikola Tesla, Sigmund Freud, Einstein, Kepler, just to name a few were well known names. Their discoveries were celebrated as achievements to mankind. Today, with technology so advanced, there are so many things we take for granted and we have no idea who invented that technology. Unfortunately, there is a huge trend of money worshipping and celebrity obsession that is plaguing society. We care more about what the cast of Jersey Shore is doing than what the latest mind-blowing scientific discovery is. Did you know a group of professors and students at MIT possibly created brand new battery technology that can change the future of not only the automobile industry but of the entire world. In a nutshell, this is a type of flow-cell battery where 'refueling' the battery will be as simple as filling up gas! This is crazy! No more waiting overnight to charge your electric car. This can have a huge impact on so many scales once it becomes manufactured commercially. Unfortunately, most people don't care as to how or why it works, or that it is MUCH safer for the environment. They are just happy not to spend money on gas. 
This is me ranting, I still have faith in society even though this happened, 
  and this,
Don't worry, I forgive you.

Buddy Bravado