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Working out, getting buff... not really

I used to consider myself to be a very active person.  I've always been on a basketball team, went to the gym 4-5 times a week, and played the occasional soccer or flag football weekly.  But after being two years removed from college now, I've slowly stopped being as active as I used to be and I hate that.  I miss that feeling after finishing a tough work out.  The one where you're about to puke or shit yourself, but you don't and you feel glorious because of it.

This is why I went out and purchased Insanity.  I didn't feel like signing up at the gym and I like that it is more of a cardio and core work out, so it helps with my lifestyle.  I'm also doing the blood type diet, which I have done before and it also ties into my lifestyle.  This diet truly helped shape my body, gave me tons of energy, and it doesn't require you to take supplements (just a protein shake for type O's like myself).

I began Insanity yesterday and it was just the fit test.  It still beat my body up and really got me tired.  I probably laid down on my back for about 15 minutes after the fit test.  I was also breathing out of my ass.  This demotivational I found on the interwebs pretty much summed up my first day experience.

The pros of these workouts are endless.  It will get you in shape if you actually do these exercises.  It will make you feel better about yourself.  It will push your body's limits.  The only complaint I have about this is the trainer himself.  Don't get me wrong, he's great, but he's a little too nice.  I had a trainer a few years ago and he wasn't yelling at me or anything, but he was pushing me really hard and was in my face if I wasn't doing my best.  Obviously, he's only on my screen so he can't push me so I've got to push myself, but still.  If he looked into the camera and told me not to suck balls right now ever so often, I wouldn't complain - I'd get pumped up.  I don't want him to say "Great job!", or "You're doing so good right now, high five!".  No.  I want my trainer to make me feel like I have to do more.  I want them to make me feel like I'm still not good enough and I have to be better.  That's just me though.  Every other normal person won't mind the encouraging words this man has to offer.  If you need to get back in the workout game or you want to challenge yourself.  Purchase this DVD set and you won't be disappointed.  It's pretty awesome.

Hauk Vagner