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Chicago is Pretty Sweet!

It has been a while since our last post. Mainly because the Arka team has been grinding pretty hard for the last two weeks on the road and at the headquarters. One of our stops was in Chicago, one of our favorite cities, for many reasons. One of them is for the great eats. If you ever visit Chicago, going to Giordano's is a must. It may be a tourist trap but it is the perfect place to start your trip. This is not your traditional average crust pizza with toppings. This is a pizza that has the tomato sauce on top and the cheese is oozing out of the crust. 
It looks like this:
Next up is Rush St. that has a ton of traditional Chicago Eateries. One of them being Carmine's.
 I had the square pasta here. It was one of the better life choices that I've made. After eating at Carmine's we made our way back to the hotel which was towards the river. As we were walking, we heard Jazz music from afar. We say a creep dude sitting on a stool staring at his phone. I asked him where the music was coming from and he said he would gladly take us over to the lounge. I didn't see any danger in this, creepy guy walking us through a random alley into some basement walkway which eventually led to this really awesome Jazz lounge. It was exactly like what you see in the movies. Super smooth jazz ensemble, generating a high energy funk sound that was hypnotizing the crowd. There is no way you can sit still. Even if you were in a chair you had to be bobbing you head. The mood was pretty electric. Once reality kicked in that we had a trade show to go to the following day we reluctantly made our way back to our hotel. I was a little too inebriated to take a photo by the time we got there so all I have is this image that I found online.
Besides being a great city, the best part about Chicago has to be the people. Everyone is friendly and polite. We tend to appreciate such things.

Buddy Bravado