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I Know Its Early But...

    I've decided to put together my Christmas list from now. I'm not saying I won't amend it before the end of the year but as of are some of the things I want. Oh and you're also probably wondering why i'm blogging about this. I'd say for two reasons: One, I wanted to share some of the things I thought were cool, hoping to possibly inspire some cool gift giving this year. Two, there is a one in a billion chance that there is some eccentric billionaire ARKA fan out there who is dying to shower me with gifts. You never know!

Either is some of the stuff I think is cool.

Kicking off the list we have the Optimus Prime crocheted hat with removable mask. Beanies and baseball caps are a dime a dozen but if you walk around with this thing on your head you will command respect. I mean even the guy in the photo looks like he knows the meaning of life.

 And while we're on the topic of cool crocheted gifts.... I would also like these bad ass beercuzzi mittens to match my hat. A gift that keeps your beer cold and your hands warm in the winter is a great gift.

 Anyone that knows me knows i'm an outdoorsy kinda guy and I already have a really nice sleeping bag, but when I saw this.. I thought... I need this. Aside from slaying my own grizzly, gutting it, and sleeping inside its dead carcass....this is the next best thing. So cool!

Now when i'm not in the woods, there are occasions I dress up.... What I need for those days is a set of these super cool John Wayne .45 colt cufflinks.

 This matching super bad ass watch. It's like the nights at the round table scaled down for my wrist

 And these super sick golden wing tips. I have a pair of golden high top converse but these are next level.

This last thing is something you buy that guy who has everything.

Apparently someone has been making sweaters of my body. Seriously, i'm not kidding. I look like this with my shirt off, minus the gold chain. I think if I wore this thing it would be like an inception on my own body. I neeeeed it!

That's all I got kids. Till next time.....

Charles DarWizard