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Giving Back is All Part of the Plan

Here at ARKA we're all about giving back to the community when we can. We figure it builds good Karma (and who doesn't need an extra dose of good Karma these days). In fact, many of us here at ARKA take part in different charities throughout the Southern California region all year round.

This past weekend gave us the opportunity to participate in yet another great charity event: Nataline's Fashion Legacy. The fashion show, organized by the Nataline Sarkisyan Foundation, helps raise awareness towards healthcare reform and provides eligible recipients with scholarships to fashion, culinary or medical school.

Nataline's mother, Hilda Sarkisyan, has become a strong advocate for healthcare reform since her daughter passed away from Leukemia due to their insurance company's refusal to pay for a life saving surgery. The family, along with support from the community, was finally able to get the insurance company to change their decision. Unfortunately the decision came too late. The same day that the insurer decided to pay for the surgery was the day that Nataline lost her battle with Leukemia.

During the last months of Nataline's life the strong outcry of support for her cause was so great that it inspired her mother to create the Nataline Sarkisyan Foundation in her honor. Nataline dreamt of becoming a fashion designer, and so a yearly fashion show was created to honor her memory and raise the funds needed to continue providing grants to deserving students. Nataline's Fashion Legacy has been going strong for six years now, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

ARKA plays its part by providing some of the fashion for the fashion show. We were among four designers featured in the show, and were the only men's brand on the runway (had to represent!). We also donated three signed graphic posters for the silent auction, each sporting the John Hancock of one of our designers (Charles Darwizard, Hauk Vagner and Buddy Brovado).

We're glad to report the fashion show was a success! So glad to be part of this great cause for the second year in a row. Now ... let me leave the models to do what they do best - show off our shirts!

Models prepping for the show with a last minute workout!
Model Brandon showing off our new 'Man of Many Hats' design. 
William's posing with our new 'Map of the Mind' tee. 
Model Grikor Rockin' the new 'Liberty Rocks' graphic.
Models Zaven and Talal have some fun on the runway - Zaven's is rockin' our onyx logo tee.
Stefen shows up with some summer color with our summer logo tee.
Here he is ladies and gents! One of ARKA's founders takes the stage at the end of the show!!