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That's not fashion

   I'm sorry to all the die-hard fashionistas out there who might get offended by this post, but someone has to call it how it is. I mean in the last 10 years it seems like designers are getting desperate to find the new cool thing, and all they keep coming up with is this weird shit. That's right ... I said it ... WEIRD SHIT!!!

Now I'm not talking about the crazy guy who walks around the local promenade dressed in a suit made entirely of bottle caps. That guy is not weird, he's straight crazy.

That goes double for these twins who lurk in small alleys in broad daylight wearing what looks like a mascot costume/hoodie made of moss. In reality, if they were rocking these suits in Alaska, during a hunting trip, they'd be level 4000 legit hunters, but in a cosmopolitan setting .....double twin mossy CRAZY!!!

I'm talking about these guys .... These designers who think a man dressed like a paper cut-out is "fashion." I mean this guy looks like a slinky for crying out loud.

Or even better, this designer who thinks looking like a homeless guy from the future with broken planks of wood on your face is "Fashion".... NOPE ....That's just plain old ... good old ...WEIRD!!

Now women will read this and laugh, but what goes for guys goes double for women. First up, we have this disaster of stitches and yarn.

Whoever thought that putting a giant fox head on a dress was a good idea should have their own head examined.

Or these....I don't know what to call these...Are they shoes? What are they? I can't even make out the animal they come from. At first I thought it might be from a goat but then they started reminding me of Llamas and Alpacas. Bottom line, I don't give a hoof what animal it comes from, it's just weird. And any woman who sees these and thinks, "I really wanna look like Tumnus from the Chronicles of Narnia" has to get in line behind the fox lady to get her head examined.

No comment! I'm just angry looking at this photo. What can you possibly achieve from this look? I mean, if I were the model, I'd feel like 35 people are trying to touch me.... That's not fashion...That's called prison rape!

At last we come to the end, and in true Darwizard fashion, I saved best for last.

So I leave you with this question.... Which is better?

The guy who wears his breakfast on his body? (I will say that this model really wears the shit out of those waffle pants though)

Or this hunk of man meat (pun intended) who made a body suit out of top sirloin? I won't even ask why he has a tail.

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Charles Darwizard