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Graphic Designer Homage: Noma Bar

Alright, I'm pretty excited about this post as it's about my favorite illustrator/graphic designer at this point in my life.  He's been a huge influence in my work and I've been following him for quite some time now.

Noma Bar is an illustrator who uses less to his advantage.  He is a meticulous minimalist who visually communicates with the least amount of details needed, much like the previous designer I wrote about, Lucian Bernhard.  He has mastered the use of negative space to portray crucial issues.  Noma's caricature style is just as impressionable, because of how his humor is expressed.  From his portraits of celebrities to his political messages, his work will certainly make you look twice.

Noma Bar, The Guardian Magazine. 2013

Born in Israelin 1973, he came from an artistic family.  He is influenced by people, comedy, Eastern European design, silent films and typography. Noma Bar's emphasis in college was typography at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.  He uses his background in typography with his art work by coming up with a meaningful shape and implying it into his design.

Noma Bar, Adolf Hitler.

For Noma, it all began with his family in a shelter, during the first Gulf War.  He was hooked by the radioactivity symbol that he found in the newspaper he was reading.  Noma envisioned two eyebrows and a mustache with which he combined Saddam Hussein's silhouette.  This style of caricature became the first of many for Noma as he was noticed by clients in London.  He has done work for The Guardian, New York Times, Esquire, Wallpaper* and BBC. Noma also has two books out; Negative Space and Guess Who: The Many Faces of Noma Bar.  He is recognized for his work on many blogs internationally and will be featured in a book by renowned design author Steven Heller and Lita Talarico.

Noma Bar, Saddam Hussein.

Noma's minimalist style is inspirational and stimulating.  It presents a new problem that he as come to solve numerous times.  In a sense, he is a story teller in the way he conveys his message and affects the mind of the viewer.  He has a incredibly creative style that has been executed perfectly time and time again.