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Permanent Reminder

Over the last few years, two of my friends turned me on to a t.v. show called Ink Master. Now, I'm not a tattoo guy myself, and by that I mean I don't have/or care to have any tattoos, but I can appreciate good art no matter what form it comes in.

That being said, I judge tattoos in 3 tiers: Amazing/Creative, Cool, and Why are you so dumb?

So here are some of the tattoo pics I've collected and my personal opinion on which category they belong in.

Amazing Tattoos
First up we got the Yoda glow in the dark light saber tattoo. Not the most impressive tattoo, but it gets an A for creativity.
 Next up are the Peter Pan silhouette tattoo and the dandelion blowing into butterflies tat. Again these tat gets more creativity points then artistic ones.

 Now these next two tats are works of art. The indian chief tattoo is so lifelike it's creepy. I keep thinking it's gonna blink at me.
 And this guy decided to get an MC Escher illustration tattooed on his head. I gotta say he has the head for it. I mean if he had a ton of fat wrinkles in the back of his head, this tat wouldn't be as cool. But as it stands...A+.

Cool Tats

There aren't a lot of things I remember from the 80's, because I have a terrible memory, but I do remember Bob Ross painting "Happy Trees". Now when this guy decided to put a tat of Bob Ross painting an Ewok on his calf, he made it into the cool category. If the artwork was a bit better, I'd even consider pushing him up a category.
The next two tats are the same concept but executed in different generations. New school vs old school. Either way i'm happy since both pics are of girls flaunting their thighs, but I personally give it to the old school. Not because I prefer pistols over light sabers, but because the second girl's hands are more feminine and her shorts are great! Ya I said it!

Why Are You So Dumb?

So.... the following photos kind of.... sort of... speak for themselves. Like Mr. Avatar fan below.... Why are you so dumb?

 Or his cousin, Mr. Cool Ice. Guess what chief... the skeleton on your torso looks like a little girl doing a darling face. Oh and you don't need to tattoo the same shit over and over again. We didn't care after reading it once.
 When I see tats like this next one, I always wonder... Do I get mad at the person or the tattoo artist? And I realized either way the person is the idiot. Because if they can't spell they're dumb, and if they can spell but they're too cheap to go to a tattoo artist who could spell... THEY'RE DUMB!!!
 I'm not gonna say anything about this guy. I personally like the idea but the fact that he decided to make it permanent ... Not wise my friend. Some things are only funny when you first see it.
 Same with this genius. As a graphic image, I think it's hilarious. I feel like the guy in the tattoo is who the Dirty Sanchez was named after, especially with that mustache and underwear tan. And he's wearing 80's jazzercize socks. Again it's brilliant, but the minute you permanently soak this into your skin....DUMB!
 And for my great finale! I give you this dumb ass tattoo. I want you to look at it before I tell you what it is.
Now I don't know what you guessed but i'm pretty sure you didn't guess that it's a baby holding it's mothers thumb. Yup, how dumb is that? HAHA!

Charles Darwizard