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80's vs 90's

I'm an 80's baby who grew up in the 90's, so for the most part my childhood memories are from the 90's. I can, however, recall bits and pieces from the 80's, and that has had a lasting effect on me. I remember my mom's short hair, the catchy up-beat music and the bright colored clothing.In terms of influencing my adulthood I always thought the 90's had a greater impact, but now I think otherwise. In the 90's we were conditioned to think the 80's were lame. Hip-hop music exploded in popularity, especially in the suburbs. This created a huge trend of fuax-gangster types. Rapping along to lyrics of violence that they were miles away from. Then there was the grunge scene, mandatory flannel shirts with Doc Martin boots was the daily ensemble. Tupac and Kurt Cobain embodied both ends of the spectrum. In high school, you were only allowed to choose one side, if you were a fan of hip-hop, you wouldn't be caught dead listening to Kroq radio. Guys wore baggy jeans and jerseys with matching shoe laces. We laughed at all the corny 80's shows, all the goofy 80's slang, and the short shorts. The 90's were supposed to be an era of 'cool' and all the 80's naivety was supposed to be long gone.
The other day I was watching a documentary on Tupac and his death. There was something that really jumped out at me while watching this; the 90's were really the 80's. What I realized was the 90's were really lame and the 80's were cool. All the styles and the music I used to make fun of, I actually like now. I appreciate the fact that the era has so many traits you can identify it with. You've got the crazy hair,  houlder pads, leg warmers, members only jackets, Bill Cosby sweaters and last but not least Mr T. Here are a few images commemorating  the styles of the two decades.


Buddy Bravado