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Blockhead's Music Videos

Not many people have heard of Blockhead, but he's a talented music producer who works with underground hip hop artists like Illogic, Aesop Rock and Slug from Atmosphere.  Blockhead is one of my favorite instrumentalists. He started making music at a young age with a group called Overground.  After a year of college at Boston University he began his career as a music producer with the Rhymesayers rapper, Aesop Rock.

Aesop Rock & Blockhead - Coffee

Here's a little sample of what they did together.

I wanted to show some music videos that are incredibly well done and go in-sync with Blockhead's musical style, which to me is chill/indie hip hop.

Blockhead - The Music Scene

Blockhead - The Art of Walking

For both links shown above, I love how they were made to the music.  Every transition and scene flow with each snare and bass drum hit.  Especially with the very very very trippy Music Scene video.  The colors are awesome and the animation is on another level (I still don't know who animated it - but that guy is amazing).  This is the type of stuff that inspires me and tells me that I can do so much better than I am doing.  In fact, as I'm writing this and looking at the video it's just giving me more and more ideas.  Some of the YouTube comments are pretty funny too, with their conspiracy theories and all.

The Art of Walking video is also pretty trippy with the transitions from one scene flowing out to the next.  But, to me, The Music Scene is far more creative since it is animated and gets my creative juices flowing.  I do love how parts of the city were cropped for the next scene to fill in and take place on the screen.  The movement of each person also helps with the transitioning.  There are also subtle colors changes with the clothing that some of the people are wearing.

Bottom line is, Blockhead is awesome and so are his videos.  Listen to his music, be inspired and kick some art ass.

Hauk Vagner