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Design Spotlight: Paint Your Emotions

Here's a sneak peek at one of our new designs for our Summer collection; titled 'Paint Your Emotions.' I'm going to give a little background info on the design and what it means to me.

I've always been one to dislike wearing suits and ties. It feels as if I'm wearing a uniform, and conformity is not my thing when it comes to what I'm wearing or what music I listen to, etc.  This design was made for those who do wear suits and ties, even though the whole corporate businessman stuff isn't really their thing.  I wanted to keep everything, except for the expression on the canvas, grayscale to show the difference I see between the two.  One is expressive and vibrant as the other is boring and uniform (at least to me).

Now this is just a shot in the dark, but not every businessman or businesswoman is boring and they can't always be expressive at their place of work, so I wanted to bring their emotions out with this design.  I aimed for "Paint Your Emotions" to be playful, yet appealing and mature enough to wear on a t-shirt (especially for all you suit wearers out there! :]).

Hauk Vagner