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The Arka Design Process

People always ask us; 'How do you come up with your designs?' I'm assuming that most people would believe that we design on a whim and if we think the aesthetic works then we simply approve it. Everyone has a certain approach, our's is a little different because there are a lot of things we consider.

A breakdown of questions we ask ourselves when we look at a new design:
a) Does it look 'cool'?
This may seem like an obvious question, but humans act off instinct and emotion. Normally it's hard to articulate why you bought something other than the fact that you like how it looks and think that it suits you. It's true when they say first impressions are important. Our window of opportunity is small so we want to grab your attention at first sight.
b) Is it thought provoking?
We pride ourselves on having designs that have a purpose. Whether it be a pun on pop culture, or a literal translation of a scientific theory, we try to match our bold aesthetics with a meaning that takes it to another level. For people that understand and appreciate the meaning behind the design, they will feel like they are a part of something exclusive. Like having an inside joke with friends.
c) Has this been done before?
In an age where it's nearly impossible to be original and come up with an idea that has never been done, we do our absolute best to make designs that don't resemble anything else. Not only by aesthetic but also concept. We understand that people follow trends, but we don't want that to be a trap. We don't even want our new designs to resemble our older designs. Many brands like to keep their designs consistent so consumer's can identify their brand. We, however, don't want to be redundant. We always try to reinvent ourselves from season to season because we understand that people today like a wide range of things.

After all of this, it is actually you who decides what we create. Without the feedback of all the awesome fans that we have, we wouldn't be able to do what we love doing. So for that, Arka has a big shout out to all of you for forcing us to set the bar high and continue to push the envelope.

Buddy Bravado