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Work? What's that?

We have a lot of fun in our office. Today, in particular, we decided to have an eating competition. Why you ask? I really don't know. Today's challenge, the Super Burrito from Tres Hermanos. Two and a half pounds of meat, cheese, rice, beans and pure awesome. We measured it at 9 inches long, and 5 inches wide. The challenge was simple, the first one to finish wins.

Half way through I asked 'why am I doing this to myself?' My mind went numb, I couldn't see what I was eating anymore, I was just sticking objects into my mouth and forcing myself to chew. Luckily the food is really good, or else I would have no chance at finishing. There wasn't much left but I had to finish. I hated myself. 

The final results:
1st Place: Garen at 9 minutes 40 seconds
2nd Place: Charles Darwizard at 12:00
3rd Place: Hauk Vagner at 14:10
4th Place: Buddy Bravado at 18:35

So basically I got crushed. My ego bruised and my stomach bloated. This is what defeat tastes like. 
It actually looks bigger in person.

We weighed the monster just to confirm.
This is what victory looks like.

Buddy Bravado