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Design Spotlight: Time Flies

People always ask us as to how we come up with our designs. The answer to that is ... 'it depends' 

Some of our designs take over a hundred drafts. This one in particular was a concept we came up with that took about a year to develop before we had an aesthetic that we were happy with. There are many factors as to why people like a certain design, but to simplify those reasons into two main factors, it comes down to a) the meaning behind the design and b) the look of the design. In our case, we always try to have a well thought-out concept with a graphic that complements it. 

The first thing the audience will notice with this design is the birdcage in place of the individuals head. As the character looks down at his watch, he realizes how time has passed. We wanted to translate this idea in a literal sense for people to visualize the passing of time. The underlying theme is that no matter how hard we try, time will elude us. Thus the name of the design, "Time Flies".

My favorite aspect of art is that it is open to interpretation. If this were shown to ten different people, you will likely get ten different answers as to what this design is depicting. The best part is ... there are no wrong answers. 

Buddy Bravado