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Gather Show SF

One of the perks of our work is the amount of travelling we do. San Francisco has become a second home for us. It's a nice change of pace from L.A. There's a stark contrast between the two cities. The lifestyle, culture, social scene and beaches are worlds apart, but both cities embrace the laid back Cali vibe. If you ever have the chance to visit California, make  sure to visit both sections of the coast in order to get a true West Coast experience.

This is our booth at the Gather SF trade show. We attend this show with industry heavy hitters such as Obey, The Hundreds, Toms and Staple. We display our designs in frames to make it easy for our buyers to view our artwork. 
Here's a shot of one of our newer designs made by our very own Hauk Vagner. This one is called Beethoven's Greatest Hits

Buddy Bravado