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The DMV needs a change

Maybe it's just me but I feel like traffic in LA has got progressively worse over the last 10 years. There was a time you could leave your house at 11am or 8pm and not sit in traffic, but those days are long gone. matter when you leave your house the freeways are a mess.

How do we fix it you ask? Great question! I believe that if we make some changes in drivers education as well as some changes to the license test, we can get rid of traffic all together. 

So lets start by looking at what causes traffic. People will tell you there are 100 different things that can cause traffic, but the truth is....there's one main cause that's responsible for 90% of it....BAD DRIVERS. I'm sorry but what ever happened to a drivers license being something you earn instead of something your entitled too. Not everyone should drive! That being said, I've created a new method of obtaining a drivers license that benefits everyone on the road. 

So you're 16 and you walk into the DMV to get your license.... I say we keep the written exam as is but we change the driving portion to include a normal course, a rainy course, a snowy course, and a fast paced driving simulator. Then based on your cumulative score, you get a drivers license and license plate that's color coded for your driving experience.

In other words, if you barely pass all the test you get a yellow license plate and license. If you ace it in every course you get a red license and plate. This would indicate to other drivers what your driving level is. Then the freeways would be color coded as well to allow the better drivers access to all the lanes where as the slow insecure drivers would only have access to the right lane.

And should they decide to move into a lane not permitted by their license, they should get fined. It's only fair!


How many times have you seen a driver in the left lane cruising at 50 miles an hour. Then that causes a bunch of cars behind that person to get desperate and change lanes to get around and often times making violent gestures or even causing an accident.

So if we color code the freeways and plates, that would solve a big chunk of it. Then we would need to set up freeway screens. These would be used to eliminate rubber neckers. So often the freeway will be a parking lot because people are slowing down to watch an accident on the other side of the freeway. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! Those people have a special place in hell just for them. So we can solve this by setting up large screens on the freeways that they can close around an accident to get rid of pointless oncoming stares. 

Last but not least if we don't implement any of the genius ideas i've mentioned above, the least they can do is add a section to the drivers ed manual that reads....IF THE DRIVER ON YOUR RIGHT IS GOING FASTER OR THE SAME SPEED AS YOU....YOU'RE IN THE WRONG LANE!!! MOVE OVER TO THE RIGHT. In other words...the left side of the freeway is for faster drivers. I don't care if you have 400 mile journey ahead....stay out of the left lane unless you plan to do at least 75 mph.


So that's it for me and my solution. I hope you liked it and will try to make it a part of your day to day driving. 



Charles D. Wizard