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The Ugliest Shoes Ever Made by the Jordan Brand

The Jordan brand has been a force in the sneaker industry ever since Nike released the first pair of Jordans in 1985. Today the Jordan empire outsells the next top endorsed sneaker, The Lebrons, at a ratio of 10 to 1. That is what you call dominance. With an iconic logo and the brilliance of Nike's marketing team the Jordan brand has built a legacy that results in long lines for every re-release of its retro kicks. With that said, there have been some years where the design of the shoes have been rather hideous. Pretty much everything after 1998 has been pretty bad but I narrowed this list to only six shoes because these seem to stand out from the rest of the pack. Below is look at each shoe and you will clearly see (hopefully) why these made the list. 

This list will go from the least hideous to the most hideous. First on the list is the Jordan 14.  Honestly these look better in the photo but nothing about these shoes tell me that they belong to the greatest to ever play the game. They look like they could be the Air Steve Nash's. Great player but not the best ever. My reaction when I look at these is...meh.

Next up on the list are the Jordan 2's. I know, I know these are sacred. Honestly, the next few that came out after these were so good that it makes these look way worse than they are. These look so bulky and clumsy, I'm surprised Jordan was able to ball in these.  

The Jordan 17's, another load mediocrity. Seriously, these are so underwhelming, if the Jordan name wasn't attached to these, nobody would cop them. These were made for Jordan in his twilight years and it actually looks like these shoes were built for the old guy that called next at the park. You know the guy that wears the matching jersey with the shorts along with the headband, where everything has the Jordan logo on it. Thats the guy that would wear these. 

The Jordan 16's. I hate these. I really really hate these. I have my reasons though so hear me out. It was 2001, Nike just reissued the Jordan 11's in all white with the signature patent leather. I was in my first year of college and I had class in the morning so I wasn't able to wait in line but I dropped off my buddy at the mall in the morning. He waiting in line until 3pm and he was luckily able to score a pair for the both of us. Needless to say, we were stoked. I remember meeting up with him inside the mall, as we were walking out, people were offering us up to $300 for our shoes on the spot. We obviously turned them down and were eager to wear them to basketball practice. After wrapping up  practice, I was taking my off my J's when I noticed a half inch tear in the patent leather. I was crushed. I know they are just shoes but still, I was 18 at the time and I don't think I had ever been so excited about a shoe before. I immediately hit up Nike to ask for a replacement and they said they would oblige. I was surprised at how easily they were willing to send me new shoes. However when I opened the shoe box I was mortified. I was sent the 16's because the 11's were a limited run. Since these are not the 11's, I completely hated these. Everything about them. From the unnecessary shoe cover to the patent leather tip. I hated the patent leather on these only because it reminded me of the 11's. It was almost as if it were teasing me.  

The Jordan 8's, otherwise known as the "Strap-ins" or the "Bugs Bunnies". These were the one's with the Bugs Bunny commercials which were some of Nike's laziest efforts to market the brand. The shoe felt cheap with its plastic accents. It also took way too long to put on because of the strap. 

These are terrible to say the least. If people are going to give Kobe shit for the Kobe 2's than these need to be acknowledged as perhaps the ugliest basketball shoe of all time. These look like the Nike design team gave up halfway and decided not to finish the design. It looks like its more suitable for space travel than a basketball court. 

There you have it, the ugliest of the Jordan collection. Let us know your opinions, but only if it agrees with ours. 

Buddy Bravado