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5 Things That Make Streetwear Huge

The graphic tee:

It isn't necessarily a statement piece, although it can be, but since it usually represents a brand or an idea, the graphic tee is the perfect compliment to an individual's ideas and beliefs. Whether they love a brand and want to wear their logo on their chest or they love what the graphic's message is, graphic tees are a big deal in streetwear and every brand in this genre has a few.

Camo prints:

Hardy Blechman first put out camo prints into Maharishi and the trend blew up. Big brands and small brands, alike, came out with all over camo print shirts, pants with camo, and even hats with camo. The camo pattern gave streetwear a lot of attention and a new light to the industry.

The sneaker:

Sneakerheads can make a big following out of any shoe brand. All they have to do is hype it up themselves and it gets talked about throughout their community. The sneaker is a huge part of streetwear because it's a classic piece that unifies your outfit. It can really make or break what you're wearing. Plus, there are more and more collaborations between shoe brands, like Asics, and streetwear brands like Hood by Air that generate a buzz and hype, which only helps out both sides.


Personally, I'm not a fan of the joggers, but I have to admit that they are a big part of the streetwear genre. They show off your sneakers and depending on the style, can be fashionable. It's on it's way out of streetwear, but I can't deny that it made companies a lot of money and also took them to the next level.

High fashion influence:

Some may be wondering why I wrote this here, but if you've been paying attention a lot of high fashion brands are starting to make streetwear clothing. They're broadening their audience to younger people. Also, they are at a huge advantage because they've already made a name for themselves and have so many resources and designers to make a piece that will not only fit right, but last for awhile. For example, the fishtail concept didn't begin in streetwear. It first came out in high fashion parkas and retailed for a ton of money. Streetwear brands adopted the style and made windbreakers, coats, and tees with it. High fashion is definitely changing the streetwear genre, bringing in a more mature crowd that is fashion conscious.

These 5 things are either bringing hype or have brought a lot of hype to streetwear. If the high fashion brands are spending money into developing streetwear,  it's going to be a quality piece and it's also because streetwear reaches so many people.


Hauk Vagner