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Top 10 Nike Dunks

Those of you familiar with our blog, would know that we have our fair share of sneakers. I wouldn't necessarily camp outside for a fresh pair but I would definitely spend a good amount of time online to find a pair I really want. One of my favorite silhouettes is that of the Nike Dunk. The Dunk family has a retro aesthetic but its super versatile, high-top, low-top, various materials, and it was even adopted by Nike's SB division. Its lineage is that of a basketball shoe, however today it has evolved into a staple of not only streetwear but fashion. In no particular order, here is my top ten all time versions of the Nike Dunk.

Nike Dunk Hi Gray Denim

This Dunk in particular pays homage to denim's heritage by having a French flag on the heel tab along with a rooster emblem which is the symbol of the French Football Federation. For those of you who don't know, denim originated in France. The word 'jeans' derived from the phrase “Bleu de Genes” which translates to “Blue of Genoa”.  

Nike Dunk Hi X Stussy World Tour Collection

Stussy and Nike are two of the most recognized names in their industries. The two titans collide to make a solid collaboration. The texture on the shoe is inspired by the patterns on the classic Stussy World Tour T-shirt. The Ostrich leather swoosh along with the combo of Olive Green and Red make this a must have.  

Nike Dunk OMS (Off-Mountain Series)

This Dunk in particular displays the versatility of the silhouette. This is like the Nike Dunk's cousin who's on steroids. This came in a few colorways however my favorite is the one pictured which is Black, Anthracite & Atomic Green. This model also features 'boot-qualities' such as waterproof layered overlays set against layered nylon along with metal boot lacelets. The Dunk OMS is ready to handle the elements. 

Nike Dunk Hi Iron Tweed

Harris Tweed is the best. It is made from pure virgin wool dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides. It is strictly made by hand on an island that is a part of Scotland and given a label to officially certify that it is indeed Harris Tweed. There is an actually Harris Tweed Authority that must approve all commercially made Harris Tweed. I could go on and on about how awesome Harris Tweed is. Combining the Nike Dunk with Harris Tweed is basically combining two of my favorite things in life. Nike perfectly executes applying a luxurious garment to the retro basketball sneaker. Brilliant!

Nike Dunk Lo Warmth SB

These Dunks feature a wool upper to keep those toes toasty in the winter. I actually copped a pair of these myself. The heathered black and white wool compliments a lot of the outerwear trends and also gives it a high end look. These were also made in a high-top form but I personally like these more as a low-top.   

Nike Dunk Hi Premium Curry

Sometimes less is more. The minimalist aesthetic of these are perfect. This is a super clean design that only comes in one color and the leather ages so perfectly. As much as we like to keep our shoes clean, these honestly get better with age. These were released nearly 12 years ago and they are super hard to come by, definitely one of my favorites. 

Nike Dunk Hi Nylon Vandals

These pairs came in a few colorways but I prefer the Silver/Red Combo. The Vandals featured a nylon upper once again displaying the various texture and fabric that can be applied to the shoe. 

Nike Dunk Hi Salt Stains

This design in particular was inspired by the salt that is dumped on the streets during cold winter months. As a result, everything gets stained a certain way due to rubbing against the salt. Luckily, I have no idea about how salt stains anything because I live in LA where its 80 degrees in December. But I could definitely appreciate the story behind this design, the randomness of the pattern is perfect and what makes it unique is that no two shoes are alike. 

Nike Dunk Lo 1 Piece

The name for these Dunks derives from the fact that the shoe is seamless and all the lines are drawn on, thus the name 1 piece. For some reason this model makes me think of the movie Tron. The bold lines give it a futuristic look. 

Nike Dunk Hi Wu Tang

This is the holy grail for all sneaker heads. There were only 36 of these made representing the Wu Tang 36 Chambers, obviously. These were the original sneakers that made sneakers viewed as a collectable item. This has to be on every list of sneakers that you must own. Unfortunately they are super rare and one recently sold on Ebay for over $10,000. If you ever see someone wearing these on the street, shake their hand and give them at least 30 seconds of eye contact. Also make sure to tell them they are stupid for wearing it because there are people out there willing to pay them a sum of money equivalent to the price of a used car. 

Buddy Bravado